Wood fired Kol Kol
Hot Tubs

Each Eco-Cabin has its own Kol Kol Hot Tub. It’s not only beautiful to look at, but it also uses zero electricity and heats up faster than traditional hot tubs. It is wonderful to use, and it’s helping the environment too.

Mountain biking paths

There are many Mountain Bike trails around the Hemel-En-Aarde Valley. We have 2 bikes available for your use and at your own risk. Please book these before your arrival.


Due to the good rains, the water level in the De Bos dam has increased substantially and is perfect for canoeing. We have 2 canoes available for your use and at your own risk.


Explore and discover more of beautiful Hermanus by booking your hiking or walking trails with Tim Lundy. Contact Tim at Tim@glamtrails.com, or on 083 444 5267.

Garden walks

Take a walk through our beautiful gardens and navigate your way through the Labyrinth, where you will be introduced to ways of meditation and relaxation.