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5 Ways to have an Eco Friendly Holiday in 2022: 

Plastic is one of the most harmful substances to the environment, and therefore we need to be aware of it at all times. Waste from plastic bags poses a severe environmental danger to human and animal health. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget to reduce your plastic use when travelling if you're not conscious about it.

Here are 5 ways to have an eco friendly holiday in 2022:

  1. First, choose eco-friendly hotels/accommodations.

Hotels and holiday accommodations can be very wasteful for single-use plastics. It is simply not enough to not use plastic straws. When booking a place to stay, search for eco-friendly businesses committed to sustainability.

  1. Travel consciously

Did you know that billions of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills every year?! Switching to biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes is a great alternative. The same with plastic razors! Aeroplanes cost the environment enough already, so try to curb your plastic use on flights as much as possible. Do this by bringing a reusable water bottle for the crew to fill up or only using one cup and refuse individually wrapped refresher towels. Try to support airlines and travel companies working to limit their impact on the environment.

  1. Volunteer while on holiday

You can volunteer to take action at the tourist spots you visit by helping to clean up a beach. Take the initiative and invite other travellers to help with the cleanup. Many tourist places regularly host this type of cleaning. You can also find Facebook events for upcoming cleanups wherever you're going.

  1. Buy in small shops

Supermarket chains tend to use unnecessary plastic when packaging food items. You can avoid some of this by shopping at fresh produce markets (don't forget your reusable carry bag). The same goes for handicrafts – purchasing plastic-free goods directly from artists saves on the plastic packaging typically used to transport goods. And it benefits the local economy, too.

Farmer's markets are a great place to shop for sustainable items and food! Be sure to visit the Hermanus Country Market when you are in town to stock up on fresh produce and experience some great local food and beverages.

  1. Choose responsible travel activities/ tours.

The tours you book should be trying to reduce any negative impact on the destinations you visit. Including minimizing your use of plastic, supplying reusable bags and drinkable water to serving boxed lunches in reusable or compostable packaging. Be mindful of the activities you participate in and prepare for the day's food and drinks. For example, if you're going to be at the beach for the day, invest in a portable water filter instead of buying bottled water. Bring some washable plates, cups and cutlery with you.

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Stonehaven is passionate about sustainability, and we make it our number one priority to be environmentally conscious in all we do. From our eco-cabins to our entire farm practices. When staying at Stonehaven, we can assist you in finding the most conscious way to travel and enjoy the surrounding Hemel en Aarde area.