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Forget rushing from city to city in an attempt to rush to all the hotspots; snap an Insta-worthy picture and tick off your bucket list. Slow travel is how to get an authentic, immersive travel experience that changes you for the better. 

What is Slow Travel? 

This approach to visiting new countries, cities and towns focus on connection: to the local people, food, music and culture. People that take part in low travel see the benefit of educating themselves about their chosen destination and allowing their trip to impact them emotionally. It is sometimes referred to as “immersive travel” or “deep travel” and has been redefining how people travel for decades. 

How To Slow Travel?

Think visiting local restaurants, bakeries and markets instead of chain food outlets, fewer to-do lists and more wandering around and taking time to get to know the environment. Of course, it takes a mindset shift if you are used to heavy itineraries and squeezing every tourist attraction into your stay as possible. But what if you wake up with no clear plans for the day but a keen interest in the local people?

When visiting a local museum or art gallery, allow yourself the time to contemplate the artworks and immerse yourself in the artist’s world. If you are visiting a wine farm, take the extra tour, which talks about the wine-making process and the farm’s history. It is terrific to get photographs for memories but try to take in the tastes, scents, sights, and life of people here every day with your own eyes.

Perhaps you could find yourself striking up a conversation with a local fisherman and getting a ride on a fishing boat to reel in the day’s catch. Next thing you know, you’re invited to dinner with their family where you can taste a genuinely local meal! Whatever activities you search for, you will gravitate towards experiences, people and places that make you feel something. 

The Benefits of Slow Travel 

Break out of your comfort zone! 

We travel to learn more about the world around us and ourselves! Travelling without a set plan can be pretty scary, and you will need to have a lot of confidence that everything will work out for the best. You will need to overcome language barriers and cultural differences that will make you more knowledgeable. It is life-changing and eye-opening to see outside of your perspective.

Slow travel will prevent “tourist burnout”, which many believe defeat the point of travelling and give you a chance to lose yourself in a new place without the need to document every moment. Furthermore, this form of travelling can be a less expensive option because staying and eating at local spots tend to be cheaper and offer a certain charm that chain hotels/restaurants don’t. Furthermore, making genuine connections can change us forever and lead to incredible opportunities for growth, education, healing and experiences. 

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