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With Summer in full swing and the festive season upon us, planning a Summer vacation offers a beacon of hope for many South Africans. Whether you are travelling close to home or abroad – packing is most definitely the first order of business. 

No matter where you are going this Summer, there are a few essential items that will make the holiday a whole lot easier and might save you:

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most essential for any summer day. If there is one thing to carry with you at all times, it is a bottle of SPF 50. Ensure you re-apply every hour when spending time outside for maximum skin protection. 

A word about SPF: Contrary to popular belief, It’s not an indication of how much time you should spend in the sun. An SPF of 30 does not mean you can stay out twice as long as an SPF of 15. An SPF of 15 filters out about 93% of UV-B rays, compared to 97% for SPF 30.

2. A Great Summer Read

There are few things better than kicking back on a pool lounger and immersing yourself in a good book. So take your picks from the 20 Best Beach Reads by Reader’s Digest, or ask some trusted friends to borrow their favourite page-turners.

3. Sunhat & Sunglasses 

This accessory combo is protective and stylish! A good hat or cap also does wonders for covering up sandy beach hair and is a necessity when hiking and walking in the sun. While staying at Stonehaven Eco Cabins & Farm, you can venture out to the Hermanus flea market at The Old Harbour and find a variety of sunglasses, hats, caps and novelty items for reasonable prices. 

4. Bathing Suit & A Spare

A bathing suit is probably the first thing we throw into our suitcases. Most days, we probably wear it instead of underwear! So whether swimming and kayaking in the Stonehaven Dam, lounging in the Wood-fired Kol Kol Hot Tubs or catching a tan at the beach, more than one swimming costume is a holiday no-brainer. 

5. Hydrating Mist & Aftersun

Days spent in the hot sun and salty ocean can dry out your skin! You will not regret investing in a hydrating mist like this one to revive your hair and give your skin a moisture boost! 

If you are a person who sunburns easily, rather be safe than sorry and pack in a bottle of aftersun. Look for one with aloe vera for the best results.

6. Lip Moisturiser 

Your lips are way more sensitive than your face, meaning they can dry out, crack and peel very quickly in the hot sun or wind. A hydrating lip treatment kept handy will do wonders for those days in the sun. Even better if it includes SPF. Our favourite is the Blistex Lip Relief Cream. 

7. Mosquito Repellent

Who doesn’t love spending a fantastic Summer evening stargazing and braaing after a long day in the sun? But what we don’t love is waking up with itchy mosquito bites! So remember to pack your bug repellent to ensure a peaceful night’s rest.

8. Hand Sanitizer and Baby Wipes

Even if you’re travelling without kids or pets, wet wipes are great for wiping down dirty tables at the beach, spills and sticky fingers. If you aren’t near a place to wash your hands, pocket hand sanitiser is a superhero.

9. A Reusable Water Bottle 

Consuming enough water is critical when adventuring around on vacation. Pack a reusable bottle or flask that stays cool and bring it with you to the beach, on hikes and when going out for the day. It will save you from needing to buy throwaway plastic bottles every time you get thirsty and remind you to drink more water.

10. Appropriate Shoes for Any Occasion 

Shoes take up the most space in our luggage, so we want to ensure we’re not wasting any space. We recommend taking at least three pairs of shoes. A pair for the beach – flip-flops, sandals or slides, a pair of closed and comfortable lace-ups for walking and hiking the beautiful Hemel en Aarde hiking trails, and a pair of smart-casual sandals/closed shoes to wear out for dinner or a day outing at a wine farm (click here to see our favourite wine farms).

Bonus Wardrobe Tip :

Although it is Summer and mostly sunny skies, it is always wise to pack at least one warm outfit per week. We suggest a pair of jeans you can wear more than once and a warm jacket that you can throw over anything. Especially at the farm, the nights can get chilly – so bring some warm socks as well!